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Radio Lost & Found for 10/12/17

With live guests John Saint-Pelvyn and Paul Metzger


Paul Metzger at KBOO Studios

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 9.07.41 PM

John Saint-Pelvyn

I was pleased to be joined by guitarist , aka Steven Matheson and multi-stringed banjo artist Paul Metzger. Both artists are from Minnesota and are embarking on a West Coast tour, and appearing the night after this how at Portland’s Turn Turn Turn.
Both sets were amazing. It’s too bad radio listeners didn’t get to see John roam around the studio and explore the acoustics of the room with his hollowbody electric and frequently vocalizing right into the f-holes. Similarly, Paul played his amazingly peculiar banjo in the darkened room, playing it with a bow and using all manners of extended string instrument techniques.
If you get a chance to catch both or either artist while they’re on tour, I strongly recommend that you do.

Here’s the show.


Playlist (hour:minute Artist – Track – Album)
00:00 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots
00:01 Morgan Fisher – Show Intro: Green and Pleasant/Magic Christian – Miniatures
00:02 Burning Ghosts – Defiance – Burning Ghosts
00:08 Set break — Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics
00:10 Tiny Tim – Welcome To My Dream – God Bless Tiny Tim
00:14 Neil Rolnick – Wake Up – Ex Machina
00:26 Set break
00:26 John Saint-Pelvyn – Live Set – Live at KBOO Studios
00:46 Set break — Interview: John Saint-Pelvyn
00:52 Burning Ghosts – Flashpoint [excerpt] – Burning Ghosts
00:55 Algae and Tentacles – Garden – Weeds in the Desert – A Tucson Noise Cassette
01:01 Paul Metzger – Live Set – Live at KBOO Studios
01:33 Set break — Interview: Paul Metzger & John Saint-Pelvyn
01:46 Buckethead – Quantum Crash – Day Of The Robot
01:50 Robert Fripp – What Is Frippertronics? – Tower Records, Hollywood, 27-07-1979
01:52 Robert Fripp – Frippertronics I – Tower Records, Hollywood, 27-07-1979
01:58 Shooby Taylor – Outro: Somewhere over the rainbow – The Human Horn

09/28/17: Rock or Die 5


More Forgotten Punk (non)Hits w/ DJ FU and Radio Lost & Found

We’re doing it again! – so says the KBOO radio episode page.

After weeks of emails, phone-tag and juggling our stupid busy schedules, DJ FU and I finally got our planets to align in order to bring Radio Lost & Found listeners yet another installment (we’re having it installed right now) of ROCK OR DIE!!!, our annual punk rock blowout, established way back in two-thousand-something…

We had a lot of fun. Hope you like this show.



Playlist (hour:minute Artist – Track – Album)
00:00 Sic F*cks – Rock or Die – Sic F*cks EP
00:01 Sic F*cks – Chop Up Your Mother – Sic F*cks EP

00:02 Set break — Background: Link Wray – Switchblade

00:04 The Feederz – Have You Never Been Mellow? – Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss?
00:07 Husker Du – Plans I Make – New Day Rising
00:10 Poison Idea – A.A. – Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes
00:12 Poison Idea – Legalize Freedom – Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes
00:13 Reagan Youth – Reagan Youth – A Collection of Pop Classics
00:14 The Vandals – Urban Struggle – Peace Thru Vandalism
00:18 Bad Brains – Pay To Cum – Faster & Louder – Hardcore Punk, Vol. 1
00:20 Negative Approach – Nothing – Faster & Louder – Hardcore Punk, Vol. 2
00:22 Circle Jerks – World Up My Ass – Faster & Louder – Hardcore Punk, Vol. 1
00:23 Ed Gein’s Car – Too Old To Die Young – You Light Up My Liver
00:24 The Meatmen – 1 Down 3 to Go – Blood Sausage EP

00:25 Set break — Background: Link Wray – Switchblade

00:28 Public Image Ltd. – Hymie’s Him – The Flowers Of Romance
00:31 The Stooges – Gimme Danger – Raw Power
00:34 X – Hungry Wolf – Under The Big Black Sun
00:38 The Dead Kennedys – Hellnation – Frankenchrist
00:41 The Cure – Primary – Faith
00:44 Richard Hell & The Voidods – Love Comes In Spurts – Blank Generation
00:46 Wall of Voodoo – Back in Flesh – Dark Continent
00:50 Suicidal Tendencies – Subliminal – Suicidal Tendencies
00:53 The Cramps – Sunglasses after Dark – Songs the Lord Taught Us
00:57 Patti Smith – Revenge – Wave

01:02 Set break — F.U. back-announces forward, as is his custom

01:03 The Vibrators – Rocket To The Moon – Guilty
01:06 VOM – Electrocute Your Cock – Live At Surf City EP
01:08 Saccharine Trust – I Am Right – Paganicons
01:10 Redd Kross – Puss N’ Boots – Hell Comes To Your House
01:13 45 Grave – Evil – Hell Comes to Your House
01:16 Pell Mell – Spy vs Spy – Sub Pop 5 cassette
01:19 The Big Boys – Spit – Skinny Elvis
01:22 Splodgenessabounds – Two Little Boys -Splodgenessabounds comp.
01:25 The Rezillos – Destination Venus – Can’t Stand the Rezillos comp.

01:29 Set break — Background: The Duals – Stickshift

01:31 The Clash – Bankrobber Dub – Black Market Clash
01:35 Brian Eno – Baby’s on Fire – Here Come The Warm Jets
01:41 Television – Venus – Marquee Moon
01:44 Talking Heads – I Zimbra – Fear of Music
01:48 The Obituaries – Hysterical – The Obituaries
01:50 Flipper – Life Is Cheap – Album – Generic Flipper

01:54 Set break — DJ F.U. Fore-announces forward with Flipper in the background

01:54 Fear – Let’s Have a War – The Record

Radio Lost & Found for 09/14/17

rlf corben spaceman hm-01.png

Hüsker Dü (RIP Grant Hart), Holger Czukay (RIP), Halim El-Dahb (RIP), The Space Lady (coming to town!), some crazy 70s electronic music by Gökçen Kaynatan, a Tucson AZ noise comp. and more!

Back in the saddle after more than a month at KBOO studios (the Hilo Radio show is still plugging along, though), while I gave up my slots for August to let Jamilah B. of Guess Who’s Coming To Radio wind down with some bonus shows while she prepares to move to New York.

A few tributes to recently flown away artists; Grant Hart who had just passed away the morning of this show, Holger Czukay, who many had done great tribute shows for, but I couldn’t do a show without some kind of hommage. And lastly, Musique Concrete and Electronic Music pioneer Halim El-Dahb, who passed away earlier this month at the age of 96.

I also played some Space Lady, who’s coming into town.

Hope you like this show.


Playlist (Hour:Minute Artist-Track-Album)
00:00 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots

00:04 Hüsker Dü – Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill – New Day Rising
00:07 Hüsker Dü – In a Free Land – Everything Falls Apart
00:10 Hüsker Dü – Statues – Statues / Amusement – EP

00:12 Set break — Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:12 Holger Czukay – Photo Song – Der Osten Ist Rot
00:18 Can – Pinch – Ege Bamyasi
00:21 Can – Oh Yeah – Tago Mago
00:28 Holger Czukay – Der Osten Ist Rot – Der Osten Ist Rot
00:34 Can – Spoon – Ege Bamyasi
00:37 Holger Czukay vs. Dr. Walker – Silent Planes (live) – Clash (live)
00:57 Holger Czukay vs. Dr. Walker – Liquid Skies (live) [excerpt] – Clash (live)

01:00 Set break

01:02 Halim El-Dabh – Leiyla & The Poet – Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center
01:07 Halim El-Dabh – Wire Recording – An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music / Fourth A-Chronology 1937-2005

01:09 Set break — Background: The Vampires’ Sound Incorporation ‎– The Lions And The Cucumber

01:11 The Space Lady – Major Tom – The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits
01:15 The Space Lady – Radar Love – The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits
01:21 Frank Luther – Health Can Be Fun – Songs Of Safety – Manners Can Be Fun, Health Can Be Fun
01:26 Noah Creshevsky – Great Performances (excerpt) – The Tape Music of Noah Creshevsky, 1971-92

01:26 Set break — Background: Moog Plays ABBA – Waterloo

01:28 Gökçen Kaynatan – Doganin Ötesi – Gökçen Kaynatan
01:32 Gökçen Kaynatan – Sihirbaz – Gökçen Kaynatan
01:36 Gökçen Kaynatan – Pencerenin Perdesini – Gökçen Kaynatan

01:39 Set break — Background: La Banda Plástica de Tepetlixpa – Ob-La-Di, Ob La Da

01:40 Hise, Hise, and Hosler – Gave My Love A Cherry – Weeds in the Desert – A Tucson Noise Comp
01:42 Eric Schlappi – Caravan – Weeds in the Desert – A Tucson Noise Comp
01:47 Gratuitous Jibes – Duplicitous Ephemerality [excerpt] – Weeds in the Desert – A Tucson Noise Comp

01:49 Set break — Background: Gratuitous Jibes – Duplicitous Ephemerality

01:50 The Fall – Rebellious Juke Box – Live At the Witch Trials
01:53 Yma Sumac – El Condor Pasa – Miracles
01:58 Shooby Taylor – Outro Theme: Somewhere Over The Rainbow – The Human Horn

Radio Lost & Found: HiLo Radio Ed. 08/30/17


An exclusive mix for HiLo Radio listeners…
As you probably know, most Radio Lost & Found shows originate from KBOO Community Radio in Portland OR. For a few months, I’ve been preparing shows for Ohio’s HiLo Radio to run every Wednesday evening (10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific). It’s a weekly show, so every other show is an all new, exclusive mix from my home studio in Brush Prairie Washington. I’m slowly getting my studio up to snuff again after years of not doing live radio from my house – my previous show Kill Ugly Radio originated out of my home and ran on the now defunct Radio 23 network.

I mulled over possibly not archiving these HiLo shows, but I’ve taken a short break from KBOO to allow a departing host – Jamilah of Guess Who’s Coming to Radio??!! – more time slots to finish off her show with a bang. This means no shows for KUR/Radio Lost & Found podcast subscribers for a spell. So….

Here it is. I’m experimenting with cutting these shows live in real time, one-take. It’s much more exciting and spontaneous than assembling a bunch of files in a DAW. It’s a bit rough around the edges as I continue to get my gear back in shape, but I think it’s OK.
Let me know what you think.


Playlist (Artist-Track-Album):
Brian Eno – Third Uncle – Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy
Psychedelic Furs – Pulse – s/t
The Angels – Take A Long Line – 1974 – 2014
Devo – Uncontrollable Urge – Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!
The Fall – Totally Wired – Singles comp.
X-Ray Spex – Oh Bondage, Up Yours – Germfree Adolescents

Elsa Popping/André Popp – Perles De Cristal – Delirium In Hi-Fi
Civavjus – Crying Japanese Politician – YouTube
Unknown – Hot Pepper Challenge – YouTube
René Lussier – La Visite De Charles De Gaulle – Le Trésor De La Langue

Mitchel Davidovitz – Act Normal – Window of Normalization
Arvo Zylo – Number 3 – Heavenly Sounds in Lo-Fi: Arvo Plays Ferrante & Teicher
Nurse With Wound — Two Mock Projections – Chance Meeting .. etc.
Mecanico Popular – Impresionistas 2 – ¿Qué Sucede Con El Tiempo?
Julee Cruise – I Remember – Floating Into The Night
F.M. Einheit & His Orchestra feat. Gry – Ghost – Public Recording
Laibach – Das Gluck – Also Sprach Zarathustra

Diamanda Galás – The Thrill Is Gone – All The Way
Daniel Johnston – Lord Give Me Hope – 1990
Nihilism Spasm Band – Destroy The Nations [excerpt] – No Record
Godley & Creme – The Flood – Consequences

Jeweled Snakes – Me & You – S/T
Art Bears – Rats and Monkeys – Winter Songs
Fred Frith – Evolution – Step Across The Border
Monkeywrench – 13 Nights – Electric Children
Gregory Jacobsen – Pathetic Dance of Failure [excerpt] – Ritualistic School of Errors

Outro: Shooby Taylor – Over The Rainbow

Radio Lost & Found for 08/10/17

rlf_edge of time-01

New Bran Flakes, Diamanda Galas, some peculiar stuff from someone named BJ Morrizonkle and more!

I had fun doing this show. Lots of nice callers tonight for some reason. Noting this for posterity; the Portland/Vancouver area has been blanketed by a stagnant cloud of smoke for the past couple of weeks, along with a heatwave the likes of which we’re not used to in the usually rainy Pacific Northwest. Nasal and throat irritation are rampant for us poor Douglas Fir denizens, hence my phlegm attack apparent as soon as I potted up my announcing mic. Call me Phlegmmy Kilmister.

Hope you liked what I played. I played some of The Bran Flakes‘ spankin’ new album Help Me, finally got my hands on Diamanda Galas‘ new (well, one of the two anyway) album All The Way, played some of the fantastic Mary Halvorson Quintet and a peculiar artist by the name of BJ Morrizonkle.

Maybe it was the stagnant air and heat that had people hunkered down and listening to the radio because I got more calls than usual, mostly asking what I was playing and saying they liked it. Nice!


Playlist (hour:minute Artist – Track – Album)
00:00 Tin Huey – I’m a Believer – Contents Dislodged During Shipping

00:04 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots

00:07 Morgan Fisher – Show Intro: Green and Pleasant/Magic Christian – Miniatures

00:08 Set break — Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:09 The Bran Flakes – Help Me – Help Me
00:11 The Bran Flakes – Bill – Help Me
00:12 The Bran Flakes – Polka – Help Me
00:13 The Bran Flakes – Ride the Tiger – Help Me
00:14 The Bran Flakes – Potato Chips – Help Me
00:15 The Bran Flakes – Caution – Help Me

00:16 Set break — Background: Moog Plays ABBA – Waterloo

00:18 Diamanda Galas – O Death – All The Way
00:29 Diamanda Galas – Pardon Me, I’ve Got Someone To Kill – All The Way

00:34 Set break — Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydreams

00:34 Mary Halvorson Quintet – Sinks When She Rounds the Bend (No. 22) – Bending Bridges
00:42 Lovely Little Girls – Wide Mouth Penetrated Makeshift Mustache Man – Dilapidated Head & Torso Aggregations
00:46 Acanthus – Le Frisson Des Vampires – B-Music of Jean Rollin
00:49 Pierre Raph – Gilda & Gunshots – B-Music of Jean Rollin
00:52 Philippe D’Aram – L’Interieur Des Ecuries – B-Music of Jean Rollin
00:55 Baird Hersey & David Moss – Just Us – Coessential

01:00 Set break — Banda Plástica de Tepetlixpa – Ob-La-Di, Ob La Da

01:02 The Coherent Encoherence – The Nibala – Wll A Computer Give You Kids?
01:08 The Coherent Encoherence – Manipulated ABC’s – Wll A Computer Give You Kids?
01:13 Men’s Recovery Project – Men’s Recovery Project – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project
01:14 Men’s Recovery Project – Get The Fuck Out Of My Office – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project
01:15 Men’s Recovery Project – Get Your Dick Out Of My Food – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project
01:17 Men’s Recovery Project – Homo? – The Very Best of Men’s Recovery Project

01:17 Set break — Background: Kung Fu Supersounds

01:17 Bj Morriszonkle – I’m So Happy – Fresh Brains, Toy Cactus
01:21 Bj Morriszonkle – Annual Parade For Malfunction Department Toys – Fresh Brains, Toy Cactus
01:23 Bj Morriszonkle – Sugar Pie – Fresh Brains, Toy Cactus
01:27 Dave Grusin – It’s Always Because Of This: A Deformity – Candy OST
01:30 Wild Man Fischer – Pronounced Normal – Pronounced Normal
01:32 Jim Henson – Tick Tock Sick – Tick Tock Sick
01:34 Captain Sensible – It Would Be So Nice – A Day In The Life Of…Captain Sensible
01:38 Wayne Carlton – Elk Calls [excerpt] – Elk Bugling
01:38 Dead Sea Apes – Threads – High Evolutionary
01:40 American Educational Films – Focus on LSD and Psychedelics – Found Film
01:47 Langley Schools Music Project – Space Oddity [excerpt] – Innocence and Despair

01:51 Set break — Background: Kung Fu Supersounds – Robin Artus/Johnny Hawksworth – Dogarnit

01:53 Au Pairs – It’s Obvious – Playing With A Different Sex
01:57 Shooby Taylor – Outro: Somewhere over the rainbow – The Human Horn

Radio Lost & Found for 07/27/17


Some new Laibach, some weird bits from an old SNL episode, I’m still hung up on that Twin Peaks episode, some songs about pussycats and more.

Fun show but was really tired and somewhat ill prepared for this week’s show. Oh well. I hope you like it.


Playlist [hour: min. Artist – Track – Album]

00:00 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots

00:02 David Bowie – It’s No Game (Part 1) – Scary Monsters
00:06 The Enigmas – Windshield Wiper – Strangely Wild
00:09 Morgan Fisher – Show Intro: Green and Pleasant – Miniatures

00:10 Set break — Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:12 Shinobi Ninja Feat. Liv L’Raynge – Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood – The Chronicles Of Hashy Larry
00:15 Gary Weiss – Kid’s Dreams – SNL: November 27, 1976
00:17 Garrett Morris/Howard Shore – The King Kong Dirge – SNL: November 27, 1976
00:20 Michael O’Donoghue & Jodi Foster – The Little Train That Died – SNL: November 27, 1976
00:22 Krzysztof Penderecki – Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima [excerpt] – 20th Century Classics: Penderecki
00:28 William S. Burroughs – Dead Souls – Best of William Burroughs
00:32 Krzysztof Penderecki – Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima [excerpt] – 20th Century Classics: Penderecki
00:35 Stan Freberg & June Foray – Little Blue Riding Hood – Uncle Stan Wants You — RIP June Foray

00:38 Set break — Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydream

00:41 Laibach – Vor Sonnen-Untergang – Also sprach Zarathustra
00:43 Laibach – Ein Untergang – Also sprach Zarathustra
00:47 Laibach – Die Unschuld I – Also sprach Zarathustra
00:50 Laibach – Ein Verkündiger – Also sprach Zarathustra
00:54 Der Blaue Traum – Lebkuchen – Kassettentäter – Deutscher-Kassetten-Untergrund (1979-1983)
00:57 Duotronic Synterror – 190 Stunden – Kassettentäter – Deutscher-Kassetten-Untergrund (1979-1983)
01:00 Andy Partridge – History of Rock and Roll – Miniatures (A Sequence Of Fifty-One Tiny Masterpieces)
01:01 Phantom Captain – Breather – Miniatures (A Sequence Of Fifty-One Tiny Masterpieces)

01:01 Set break — Background: Moog Plays ABBA – Waterloo

01:04 Freddy K and the Breeze – Devil Worshipping Bastards from Hell – Random Enforcement cassette
01:07 Freddy K and the Breeze – Stealing In the Name of the Lord – Random Enforcement cassette
01:10 Freddy K and the Breeze – Clean Friends – Random Enforcement cassette
01:13 AG Hardy Myers & Julie Foudy – Underage Drinking PSA chopp’d n’ fuk’d – Girl Talk: The Consequences of Underage Drinking
01:16 Little Marcy – I Love Little Pussy – Sings Nursery Rhymes
01:17 Christopher Scott – What’s New Pussycat? – Switched On Bacharach
01:18 Walter Carlos – What’s New Pussycat? – By Request
01:19 Brian Routh – Shrubble [excerpt] – SoundCloud
01:22 Arthur Brown – 2024 – Requiem

01:28 Set break — Background: Banda Plástica de Tepetlixpa – Yesterday

01:31 Mark Stewart + Maffia – Learning to Cope With Cowardice (Flexi mix) – Sherwood at the Controls, Vol. 1: 1979-1984
01:34 Sammy Johns – Chevy Van [gradually slowing down] – Chevy Van – Single
01:38 Howard Shore – The Shape of Rage – The Brood OST
01:42 Robert Fripp – Exposure – Exposure
01:46 Robostud – Life’s A Glitch – Celebrity Sideboob
01:47 iriXx – Lost – Celebrity Sideboob
01:50 Richard Lindsay – I Had a Lot of Loops – Celebrity Sideboob
01:51 Snakehead Leviticus – Old Dirty Hairy Jazz – Celebrity Sideboob
01:54 Gregory Jacobsen – Dance Of The Retarded Girl, Slumped Sideways – Ritualistic School of Errors

01:56 Starlight Children’s Chorus – E.T., I Love You – E.T., I Love You and Other Extra-Terrestrial Songs for Children

Radio Lost & Found for 07/27/17