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A Bonus Halloween Special!


Faced with a last minute host cancellation, Dr. Zomb and myself bashed our pumpkins together to spew out a mess of spooky Halloween songs and tunes, as well as a vast quantity of pumpkin seeds. Those seeds!

Hope you like this little halloween bonus show!


Playlist (Artist / Song / Release):
Dr. Zomb Set 1:
Henry Mancini and His Orchestra / Experiment in Terror / Experiment in Terror
The Wailers / High Wall / The Fabulous Wailers
Satan’s Pilgrims / Haunted House of Rock / Soul Pilgrim
Gene McKowl / Ghost Memory / 7″
Joy Division / Dead Souls / Still
John Baker / Dial M for Murder / The John Baker Tapes Volume 1
Creed Taylor Orchestra / The Crank / Shock Music in Hi-Fi

Rich Set 1:
The Shaggs / It’s Halloween / Philosophy of The World
Larry And The Blue Notes / Night Of The Phantom / Back From The Grave
The One Way Streets / Jack the Ripper / Back from the Grave
The Swamp Rats / Psycho / Back From The Grave
The Mummies / House on the Hill / Death By Unga Bunga
Beasts of Bourbon / Psycho / The Axeman’s Jazz
The Cramps / Rockin’ Bones / Nazibilly Werewolfen
Sic Kidz / She’s My Witch / Teenage Obsessions (1978-1984)
Beast / Possessed / Possessed 7″
Corpse Grinders / Zombie Death Dance / Corpse Grinders EP
Minimal Man / 2 Little Skeletons / Safari
Alien Sex Fiend / R.I.P. / Batcave: Young Limbs And Numb Hymns
Pain Teens / Sacrificial Shack / Sacrificial Shack 7″

Dr. Zomb Set 2:
Rod Keith / I Died Today / I Died Today
Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston / Frankenstein Conquers The World / Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston
Sheldon Allman / It Conquered the World / Folk Songs for the 21st Century
Michael Hurley / The Twilight Zone / Hi-Fi Snock Uptown
Marty Manning and his Orchestra / The Twilight Zone / The Twilight Zone
Venetian Snares / Electric Funeral / Sabbath Dubs 10″
Jack Dangers Tino / Loch Ness Monster Dub / Halloween Dub.
Christopher Komeda / The Dream / Rosemary’s Baby OST

Rich Set 2:
Laibach / Vade Retro / Nova Akropola
Butthole Surfers / Graveyard / Locust Abortion Technician
Jeweled Snakes / Don’t Drown The Witches / Jeweled Snakes
The Rattles / The Witch / DJ Goatface Killah Presents: Ave Satanis
Blood and Roses / Necromantra / Love Under Will EP
Sonic Youth / Halloween / Bad Moon Rising

Radio Lost & Found for 10/24/19 – Halloween


Here’s this years Radio Lost & Found Halloween special, with special guest DJ Martinibomb. Hope you like it!


Playlist (Artist / Song / Release):
Souixsie and The Banshees / Halloween / Juju
Alice Donut / Halloween / Virus 100 compilation
The Misfits / Halloween / Beware: The Singles comp.

David Bowie / Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) / Scary Monsters
Alien Sex Fiend / Dead and Buried / Alien Sex Fiend – The Singles (1983-1995)
Cop Shoot Cop / Room 429 / Mesomorph Enduros
The Butthole Surfers / Graveyard / Locust Abortion Technician
The Birthday Party / Release the Bats / Live 1981-82
The Damned / Nasty / The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Beast / Possessed / Possessed 7″

DJ Martinibomb / Live in the Studio Mix / 10/24/19

KBOO Community Radio / The Crowley Con-spiracy / Morning Talk Radio
Anton LaVey / Satanic Mass / Satanic Mass
Wayne Cochrane / Last Kiss / 7″
Southern Culture On the Skids / Roadside Wreck / Too Much Pork for Just One Fork
Terry Teene / Curse of the Hearse / 7″
Jim Burgett / The Living Dead / 7″
The Lollipop Shoppe / You Must Be a Witch / DJ Goatface Killah Presents: Ave Satanis
Creedence Clearwater Revival / Sinister Purpose / Green River
The MSR Singers / Monster Man / I’m Just The Other Woman, MSR Madness, Vol. 4
Cliff Gleaves / Long Black Hearse / 7″
The Hawaiian Pups / Spook Opera / Spook Opera 7″
Tuxedomoon / Incubus (Blue Suit) / Desire No Tears
Jad Fair / The Zombies Of Mora-Tau / The Zombies Of Mora-Tau
Ennio Morricone / Magic And Ecstasy / Exorcist II: The Heretic

Radio Lost & Found for 10/10/19: Dawn of Rock Or Die!!!


DJ FU and Radio Lost & Found bring you even more forgotten Punk hits!

Fun show! I really love doing shows with my pal FU. He’s got an insane amount of energy. He doesn’t do a lot of radio shows, so when we get together, it can get nuts.

And get nuts it DID. We had some kind of weird equipment malfunction in the air room which completely discombobulated us for a good chuck of the show, but we did it.

A note about the sound quality: There’s a persistent buzzing, clicking throughout which you really only hear when we’re both blabbing on mic. It’s not quite as distracting during the music, as it’s sort of appropriate listening to old school punk rock. Think of it as a noisy punk cassette. Know what I mean?
Anywhos, hope you like this show!


Rich Set 1:
Dead Moon – Poor Born
Dils – Class War
Really Red – Modern Needs
Negative Approach – Nothing
Eyes – Disneyland

Ed Gein’s Car – Too Old To Die Young
Dicks – Hate Police
Black Market Baby – Potential Suicide
Eddie & The Hot Rods – Do Anything You Wanna Do (RIP Barrie Masters)
Eddie & The Hot Rods – Teenage Depression
Eddie & The Hot Rods – Quit This Town

DJ FU Set 1:
The Obituaries – Our Demons
Pell Mell – Nothing Lies Still Long
Rebel Truth – All I Know
Crucifix – Annihilation
Flipper – Nothing
Fang – Skinheads Smoke Dope
OFF – 503
Wasted Youth – Fuck Authority
Germs – What We Do Is Secret
Dead Kennedys – Police Truck
The Avengers – We Are The One
No Alternative – Johnny Got His Gun

Rich Set 2:
The Tubes – I Was A Punk Before You Were A Punk
Destroy All Monsters – Bored
The Business – Harry May
Cyanide – Your Old Man
Menace – Electrocutioner
Thee Headcoats – Youngblood
Thee Mighty Caesars – Lie Detector
Pink Fairies – City Kids
Larry Wallis – On Parole
The Dickies – Nights In White Satin

DJ FU set 2:
Bikini Kill – Suck My Left One
Tribe 8 – Manipulate
Lucy Stoners – Soiled Princess
7 Year Bitch – Dead Men Don’t Rape
The Specials – Rudi, A Message To You
Selector – Too Much Pressure
The Bodysnatchers – Too Experienced
Agnostic Front – Fascist Attitude
The Clash – Justice Tonight/Kick It Over

Radio Lost & Found for 09/26/19

RLF_violent hippies

RIP Robert Hunter, Godspeed Ginger Baker, new Andy Partridge and Robyn Hitchcock, congrats Mary Halvorson, and more!


Playlist (Time / Artist / Song / Release):
00:02:00 Grateful Dead / Fire On the Mountain [excerpt] / Long Strange Trip
00:00:52 John Mollusk / Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal / YouTube video
00:13:16 Al Stewart / Song on the Radio / Time Passages
00:19:42 Andy Partridge and Robyn Hitchcock / Turn Me on Deadman / Planet England
00:23:12 Andy Partridge and Robyn Hitchcock / Flight Attendants, Prepare For Love / Planet England

00:26:42 Cream / What a Bringdown / Goodbye
00:31:44 Cream / Blue Condition / Disraeli Gears
00:35:24 Mike Nichols And Elaine May / Mysterioso / Improvisations To Music
00:39:36 Zero Mostel / God Bless Everything In The USA / Songs My Mother Never Taught Me
00:42:12 John D. Loudermilk / The Little Grave / Sings a Bizarre Collection of Most Unusual Songs
00:44:50 Tiny Tim / The Other Side / God Bless Tiny Tim

00:53:43 Laibach / The Whistleblowers / Spectre
00:57:14 Mary Halvorson Quintet / Sinks When She Rounds the Bend (No. 22) / Bending Bridges
01:05:02 Jean Cohen-Solal / Captain Tarthopom / Strain, Crack, and Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List
01:06:20 Jacques Thollot / Cécile / Strain, Crack, and Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List
01:10:13 Dashiell Hedayat / Fille De l’Ombre / Strain, Crack, and Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List
01:12:31 Phillipe Besombes / La Plage / Strain, Crack, and Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List
01:15:22 Ensemble Musica Negativa / Credo in Us (John Cage) / Music Before Revolution
01:26:12 Rebekah Del Rio / Llorando / Mulholland Drive OST

01:34:55 Eugene Chadbourne / It Was Impossible To Take in a vista / Pirimida Ca Puesti
01:41:03 Joah Valley / Things We Said Today / Beatle Songs From Joah Valley
01:44:09 Jonathan & Darlene Edwards / Stayin’ Alive / Jonathan and Darlene’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1
01:46:31 National Hardwood Floor Association / Trouble Concentrating When Praying / Savage Vigilance For A Rug-Free America
01:47:41 Eno / Blank Frank / Here Come The Warm Jets
01:51:19 Brian Eno / Third Uncle / Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy

01:56:24 Shooby Taylor / Outro: Somewhere over the rainbow / The Human Horn

Radio Lost & Found for 09/12/19


Goodbye Daniel Johnston, hello new Negativland, new-to-me old records, newly reissued Roger Doyle, and more!

We say goodbye to Daniel Johnston, indy music legend and prolific songwriter. I briefly got to see Daniel when he and mini-entourage walked in and out of KBOO studios to record an interview, which doesn’t seem to be on KBOO’s website any longer. tsk tsk tsk, and a shame, really. Sad to see him go. His music was incredible, heartfelt, often beautiful in its simple brilliance. Rest in peace, Daniel.

More stuff – new Negativland, from their upcoming album True False, which you can pre-order here, although as of this writing, the bonus stuff is going fast, so you might wanna…

Here’s the show. I hope you like it. I was really tired and somewhat frazzled from a crazy workweek. Enjoy, or don’t.

Play, okay?
Download it

Playlist (Time [hour:min:sec] / Artist / Song / Release):
00:00:00 Daniel Johnston / Funeral Home / Welcome to My World: The Music of Daniel Johnston
00:03:13 Daniel Johnston / My Life Is Starting Over Again / Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered
00:06:13 Daniel Johnston / Casper the Friendly Ghost / Welcome to My World: The Music of Daniel Johnston

00:09:40 Mark Stewart / As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade / As the Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade
00:15:17 Negativland` / Fourth of July / True False
00:18:54 Negativland / More Data / Upcoming Release (YouTube)
00:25:27 Negativland / Discernment / True False
00:29:57 Ennio Morricone / The Big Gundown / The Big Gundown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
00:34:54 David Clark / Star Wars / Pizza Organ Presents
00:39:53 David Ingles / Paralyzed / Satan Has Been Paralyzed
00:43:11 Sonny Bono / Pammie’s On A Bummer / Inner Views
00:49:35 Sharron Lucky / Follow The Clouds / Follow The Clouds

00:58:18 Kathy McCarty / I Had a Dream / Dead Dog’s Eyeball: Songs of Daniel Johnston
01:01:30 Daniel Johnston / Walking the Cow / Hi How Are You?
01:04:40 Daniel Johnston / Chord Organ Blues / Yip! Jump Music
01:08:55 K. McCarty / I Am a Baby (In My Universe) / Dead Dog’s Eyeball: Songs of Daniel Johnston
01:10:41 Daniel Johnson / No More Pushing Around Joe / Hi How Are You?
01:15:23 Daniel Johnston / Speeding Motorcycle / Welcome to My World: The Music of Daniel Johnston
01:18:52 K. McCarty / Sorry Entertainer / Dead Dog’s Eyeball: Songs of Daniel Johnston
01:22:04 Tom Waits / King Kong / The Late Great Daniel Johnston
01:26:26 Daniel Johnston/Jad Fair / I Met Roky Erickson / It’s Spooky
01:29:29 Daniel Johnston / Some Things Last a Long Time / 1990

01:38:01 Roger Doyle / Baby Grand / Thalia
01:42:33 Roger Doyle / Solar Eyes / Thalia
01:51:43 Shockabilly / Lucifer Sam / Vietnam Heaven
01:55:54 Shockabilly / Signed D.C. / Vietnam Heaven

01:57:00 Shooby Taylor / Outro: Over the Rainbow

Radio Lost & Found for 08/22/19

Original painting by Peter Allen Jones

New Negativland, Pharmakon, music from the Nurse With Wound List via a new compilation from Finders Keepers Records, and more!

Fun to be back in the saddle after a month off on summer holiday, staycation, etc., and letting a fellow DJ use my slot for a live guest he couldn’t book elsewhere. I did lots of live mixing in of stuff but couldn’t adequately list it here as I’ve been lately doing all the playlisting live on-the-fly rather than doing it after the show (usually bleary-eyed the following morning). That shit’s hard! Bear with me, ok?

Hope you like it!


Playlist [hour:min. Artist/Track/Album]
00:03:23 Steve Fisk / On The Firing Line / Over and Through The Night
00:05:59 Steve Fisk / Government Statistics / Over and Through The Night
00:07:06 1000 Homo DJs / Apathy / Supernaut – EP
00:11:49 Morgan Fisher / Green and Pleasant Intro /
00:14:37 Steve Fisk / Taxman / Over and Through The Night
00:17:38 Loudon Wainwright III / Summer’s Almost Over / T Shirt (1976)
00:20:15 The Jazz Butcher / Partytime / Draining the Glass

00:23:40 Set break: Lenny Herman – Tico Tico played off center, wrong speed

00:26:16 Negativland / Discernment / True False
00:30:36 Negativland / More Data / Upcoming Release (YouTube)
00:36:20 KBOO Community Radio / The Crowley Con-spiracy / Morning Talk Radio

00:38:16 Set break: Lenny Herman – Tico Tico played off center, wrong speed

00:38:16 Horrific Child / Frayeur / Strain, Crack, and Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List
00:46:56 Pierre Henry / Générique (Thème De Myriam) / Strain, Crack, and Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List
00:49:16 ZNR / Solo Un Dia / Strain, Crack, and Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List
00:52:15 Jean Guérin / Triptik 2 / Strain, Crack, and Break: Music From The Nurse With Wound List

00:57:58 Set break: Lenny Herman – Miserlou played off center, wrong speed

01:04:54 Pharmakon / Devour Side One / Devour
01:24:45 Hanna-Barbera / Audio Effects from cartoons / YouTube X 9 tabs, cascading
01:28:15 Happy Flowers / I Wanna Watch Cartoons / Oof!

11:29:37 Set break: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydreams – A plague of Casey Kasems

01:34:18 The Mt Hood Community College Vocal Jazz Band / Send In The Clowns / Send In The Clowns
01:39:11 Some guy calling a news station / Tornaders /
01:42:41 Robert Fripp / Frippertronics 4 / Tower Records, Hollywood, 27-07-1979
01:50:11 Kazihiko Kato / Jiraiya Bouken Banashi / Super Gas

01:51:45 Shooby Taylor / Outro Theme: Somewhere Over The Rainbow / The Human Horn



Radio Lost & Found for 8/8/19

With special guest Jim Larrance Kyle Bullhorn
That’s right!

I’m on a much needed vacation, so hard-hitter Jim Larrance Kyle Bullhorn, of retired KBOO program No Soap Radio, fills in after a long absence from Portland airwaves.

And it was a great show! It was something to sit and listen to my own time-slot and hear someone who made me want to get into radio in the first place. I hope to have Jim on and do radio with him again in person in the very near future.


Negativland – I Am God
Emergency Broadcast Network – Super Zen State (Power Chant No. 3)
Negativland – ABC’s of Anarchism
Cutupsound – Bush Economy
Cutupsound – Chuck Norris Election Year Message
Howard Roberts – 5 gallons of Astral Flash
Go Home Productions – Downtown Octopus
Luciano Albo – She’s Leaving Home, Motown Version
Cutupsound – Weather Facts with Frank Figures
Cutupsound – An Echo of That Word
Cutupsound – The Life & Times of Judge Roy Moore
Cutupsound – Wilhelm, the Immortal
Alyce Santoro – Saint Cecilia Plays the Cans
Dean Elliott & His Big Band – You’re The Top
Mr F Le Mur – Dragnest selections
Franz Waxman – Rear Window, opening credits
Cutupsound – Broken Record Sale 2003 – 01
Christian Marclay – Record Without A Cover
Tony Schwartz – City Pitchmen (excerpt)
Cutupsound – That’s What I Like About the Jam
Cutupsound – HV Kaltenborn
Cutupsound – George Putnam
Cutupsound – Tom Hanks
Cutupsound – Edison
Johnny Green – Easy Come, Easy Go
People Like Us – We Edit Life
Cutupsound – MacArthur vs the Flying Saucers