Here’s the pilot for Radio Lost and Found for February. At the time of broadcast, I hadn’t even thought of a name for it yet.

I started tonight’s show with something from Nurse With Wound’s May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits and Space Music, mixed together simultaneously. I then played a piece from Big City Orchestra’s big 30th anniversary show, which was Wobbly, Phineas Narco and The Evolution Control Committee doing Beatle Rape live on Jan. 31st of last year. We rocked out to LCD Soundsystem, played some Macedonian (Kismet, covering Joy Division) and Polish (the unpronounceable Księżyc) music and then did our little tribute to Abraham Lincoln and the President with Disney’s Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln, some Firesign Theater, Negativland’s Godbull, A Sen. Edward McKinley Dirksen LP, Gallant Men, Ray Martin’s The Sounds of Sight and The Union Oil Co.’s The Constitution LP. It all ended with Jim Larrance’s wonderful mashup of a children’s record.