Here it is. Fun show, hot on the heels of another amazing show by Alejandro Ceballos’ show La Ruleta (every 2nd Friday, from 8pm to 10pm).
Lots of Beatles covers and deconstructions and some music and speech by some genuinely crazy people.


Crispin Glover – Hey Weirdo – Ruben and Ed
Unknown – “I Shit My Pants…” – Found Voicemail Message
Sears – Demonstration Record – Stereo Component System 7″
Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Piano’s of Leonard Pennario
Shure Corp – Intro – An Audio Obstacle Course
Sacred Cowboy – Assault on Pepper – Mutation
People Like Us – – Jumble Massive
Оркестр «Диско», руководитель И.Петренко – Мгновенье, стой (For what it’s worth) – Soviet Funk
Е.Дриацкая и В.Артюх – El Condor Pasa – Soviet Funk
Yma Sumac – El Condor Pasa – Miracles
Old Adobe Union High – Theme from Rocky – Waxidermy
Gertrude Behanna – God Isn’t Dead – God Isn’t Dead
Otto Luenning – Gargoyles – Columbia Electronic Music Center
Jacob Druckman – Animus – Electronic Music III
Marcia McReynolds – Be Drunken – Menage a Quatre
Nurse With Wound – Untitled – May the Fleas of a Thousand Camels Infest Your Armpits
Dr. Maxwell Maltz – Intro – Psycho-Cybernetics
Sears – Demonstration Record – Stereo Component System 7″
Dr. Murray Banks – Intro – How to Live With Yourself or What To Do Until the Psychiatrist Comes
Sacred Cowboy – Fabtasia – Mutation
Big City Orchestra – Because – Beatlerape
Negativland – Old Is New – No Business
The Four Dummies – I Want To Hold Your Hand – 7″ (link: Radiodiffusion Internasional)
Amit Kumar and Kavita Krishnamurty – Deewane Ye Ladke – Aasoo Bane Angarey
The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms – Spanish Flea – Hooray for Hollywood
The George Garabedian Players and the Awful Trumpet of Harry Arms – Winchester Cathedral – Hooray for Hollywood
Stepping Tones – I Want To Dance Like Michael Jackson – Waxidermy
The Amazing Delores – Rats In My Trailer – Stop Messin’ With My Mind
Laibach – Le Privilege Des Morts – Kapital
Bliss kf 192 – Alphaville/No Control – Bliss kf 192
Laibach – Predictions of Fire – Looking For Europe