What Is Mind Control?, broadcast live on KBOO, 09/10/10.
Forgot to post this here. Uponn its execution, this show seemed more to be an episode of Kill Ugly Radio than a Radio Lost and Found episode*, so I posted it there instead of here, leaving you, dear RLF readers and podcast subscribers temporarily out in the cold. My most sincere apologies.
Here it is:

Fun show last night that was a collaboration with Joshua Leon Harper, aka DJ Spacebag.
He brought some amazing new music by Idaho Joe Winslow, Mudboy and Tracy Trance and we then went into a long, chaotic mix around the theme of mind control.


Playlisting was a bit touch and go, but it was roughly:

Kraftwerk – Radioactivity
Mudboy – The Last Song
Idaho Joe Winslow – Poltergeist
Tracy Trance – Images Are Me
Chris and Cosey – The Giant’s Feet
Al Qaeda – 0818
Dave Bixby – Drug Song
Herbie Hancock – Chameleon
Steve Fisk – Firing Line/Government Figures
Spacebag – Mind Control mix
Stooges – TV Eye
Genesis P. Orridge & Astrid Monroe
Kafka (Steven Soderberg)
Alien city – Cathode rays
Miranda July – I Can Japan
Dead Luke – Mind Control
Videodrome (David Cronenberg)
Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracies
Ticket to Heaven (doc)
Jesus Camp
Star Trek (TOS)
Ras Mix
Francis E. Dec
Venetian Snares – Americanized
Public enemy – She Watch Channel Zero

*What’s the difference, you ask? As originally devised, Kill Ugly Radio programs have a greater emphasis on spontaneously generated and on-the-fly audio collage. Radio Lost and Found programs typically are closer than a traditional radio program, i.e.: me playing songs and audio that I ‘found’ in thrift stores, record shops and all over the web. To make it simpler, Kill Ugly Radio IS audio collage (made by me and guests) and Radio Lost and Found might CONTAIN audio collage (made by other people). But lately I’ve found that I am doing both on either program or visa-versa.