The Norton Family - Marimba Melodies
Crazy show! No laptop (long story) made me have to rely more on found vinyl and CDs and I think the results were absofab!
Was also fun because I had Alejandro, SW Conser, Mr. Trout and Jonny hanging out with me for the better part of the show. Their mania inspires me.

Sears Audio System Demo Disc 7″
Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Hugh Hopper – Miniluv (fragment) – 1984
Tod Dockstater – Two Fragments from Apocalypse – Apocalypse
Creepy, slo-mo baby soundscape – multiple YouTube videos
Bell Laboratories – Filtered Music and Speech – The Science of Sound
Eugene Chadbourne – Devil on the Radio – 198666
Non Credo – Hacked – Happy Wretched Family

Paris Studio Group – Accroche Toi Caroline – Sound Gallery vol. 2

Alejandro Jodowrowski – Opening Titles – Holy Mountain
Alejandro Jodowrowski – Great Toad and Chameleon Battle – Holy Mountain
Alejandro Jodowrowski – Symbol of Christ/Two Halves/Love – Holy Mountain
Alejandro Jodowrowski – Ascending the Tower/The Magus – Holy Mountain

Janko Nilovic – Chorus for Leslie – Supra Pop Impressions

Porn for the Blind Segment:
Unknown Submitter – ‘Milf Soup #1’ – Porn for the Blind dot ORG
Unknown Submitter – ‘Milf Soup #2’ – Porn for the Blind dot ORG
Unknown Submitter – ‘Milf Soup #3’ – Porn for the Blind dot ORG
Music under PFTB:
Klaus Wunderlich – 24 Melodien, Die Man Nie Vergisst

Marlon Perkins – Does The Abominable Snowman Exist? – Feline Distemper Vaccine
Bran(…)Pos -Ocean Fish – Chriphuis (Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrack)
Chris Genkel – Genkel’s Nobee – Best of New Wave Theater
Heroic Struggle – I’m Life – Best of New Wave Theater
Uncle Ron – Airplane Trip – Adventureland
Forrest McCullough – Flight F.I.N.A.L.
Les Tucker Singers – Hard Rock, Coco and Joe – Three Little Dwarves (YouTube)
Killer Pussy – Pocket Pool – Best of New Wave Theater

Janko Nilovic – Girl Named Revolt – Supra Pop Impressions

Fat Worm of Error – Ambivalence the the Beaker – Ambivalence the the Beaker (Rescipiscent records)
Norton Family – When He Calls Me – Marimba Memories
Dwayne Friend – Four Horsemen
Fat Worm of Error – Wipeless Two – Ambivalence the the Beaker
Norton Family – Have a Little Talk With Jesus – Marimba Memories
Fat Worm of Error – Return Of The Thin White Dook – Ambivalence the the Beaker
Norton Family – Jesus Loves the Little Ones – Marimba Memories
Chris Genkel – Genkel’s Post Mortem Paste – Best of New Wave Theater

Janko Nilovic -Mystic Words – Supra Pop Impressions

Disko Band – A Fifth of Beethoven – Klassiks Go Disko
Otomo Yoshihide – We Insist? – We Insist?
Otomo Yoshihide – Rinko Gun – We Insist?
Otomo Yoshihide – X-Day – We Insist?
Live footage from Japan – CNN