Due to a technical fuckup, there was no recording made of this month’s show. I am sorry!
I’ll just post the playlist and you can play it in your head.

Leonard Pinnario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pinnario
Twink – Mr. Magic – A Broken Record
People Like Us – Track 2 – DIY or Die
Jet Black Hair People – Basic Formula for Happiness – Jet Black Hair People and Their Friends
Jay Allison – Neighborhood Freaks – Tellus #11 Cassette comp.
Non Credo – Ask the Bearded Lady – Happy Wretched Family
Lydia Lunch – Carnival Fat Man – Queen of Siam

Neil Dick – The Future is Now – The Future is Now
Sears Inc. – “Put on a record…” – Stereo Demo Disc 7″
Debbie Culbertson – Love Will Keep Us Together – Reflections
Hugo Montenegro – Moog Power – Moog Power
Harold Alexander – Mama Soul – Mr. Sunshine
Hoyt Axton – Beelzebub’s Laughter – My Griffin is Gone
John Trubee – Chris Leadem Describes Hell – The Communists Are Coming To Kill Us!
John Trubee – The Last Bird – The Communists Are Coming To Kill Us!
The Illuminoids – Satan Said Walrus Eggs (Thanks to Dr. Zomb!)

The Grails – Future Primitive – Deep Politics  www.grailsongs.com
The Grails – All The Colors Of The Dark – Deep Politics
The Grails – Corridors Of Power – Deep Politics
Horrific Child – Angoisse – L’Étrange Mr Whinster

RadioCrack – Obamanation – RadioCrack (www.mediadontmatter.org)
Alp – Out and About With Alp
Mr. F Le Mur – Noizes and Adverts – Mr. F Le Mur (Archive.org link)

John Oswald – Kissing Jesus In the Dark – Mystery Tapes
The Panthers – Malkaus – Pakistan – Folk And Pop Instrumentals
The Mods – Spring Dance – Pakistan – Folk And Pop Instrumentals
The Bugs – Theme From “Do Roha” – Pakistan – Folk And Pop Instrumentals
Porest – Little Fiddle – Tourrorists! (Seeland Records)
Porest – Continental Revolt – Tourrorists!