This month’s Radio Lost and Found occurs on the weekend of the anniversary of 9/11, an even that inarguably changed this country forever. Somehow, the terrorist attacks of that day managed to sweep anything resembling popular liberal concepts, such as social justice, economic fairness, civil liberties, etc., permanently off the table and transformed us into a cruel, dwindling empire.
Also, take a look who’s cleaned up in the aftermath of 9/11 and who its most cynical exploiters are.

Ok, enough sermonizing.
Here’s the show. I did a sort of ambient mix of 9/11 sounds about half an hour in, with some truly horrid patrio-psychotic stuff thrown in the mix.
Happy 9/11!


Paul Quarino – Opening from 2001 Theme – The Olde Organ Grinder Pizza
O’Lyn Callahan – 2001 Space Odyssey – 7″
Murray Saul – Get Down! – The Get Downs, Vol. I
Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Charles Bukowski – A Radio With Guts – Reads His Poetry
Emergency Broadcast Network – Psychoactive Drugs (uncut Mix) – Behavior Modification/We Will Rock You 12″
Emergency Broadcast Network – 3:7:8 – 3:7:8 12″
Depth Charge – Shoalin Buddha Finger – Nine Deadly Venoms
Holger Czukay & Dr. Walker – Silent Planes (live) – Holger Czukay vs. Dr. Walker Clash
Barack Obama – Bin Laden Is Dead – May 3, 2011
Democracy Now – live – September 11, 2001
Gems of Islam LP
Blacksmoke – USA, USA
Blacksmoke – Fuck the Fucking Fuckers
Blacksmoke – My Fucking Heart Will Go On
Porest – Let’s Roll – Tourrorists!
Rick Perry – “No, I don’t lose any sleep at all..”
Cindy Wirl – Light Above the Harbor – Light Above the Harbor
Memory Makers – God Bless America, Again – God Bless America, Again
Buck Ritchie – The Slave – 7″
Negativland – The Gun and the Bible – Free
Gary S. Paxton – The Big ‘A’ = The Big ‘M’ – 7″
Melba – Melba vs Gay Day – Melba Comes Alive
Eschol Cosby – The Sinner at the Bar – Branded For Christ

Brother Russell – Play Ball – Melba Comes Alive
Ken Nordine – Drug PSA
Brizbomb – 080711FT02 – 0807
Life Records – Honesty – Honesty
Rick Harris – This Is Real – Tellus #11: The Sound of Radio