This month (brrr! Already winterlike, snow fell on my house as I was doing this show!) I traded with another DJ for the week, so was on a week later than normal.
Some Serbian Avant-Garde from Vladan Radovanović, some of the wonderful Poptastic, Craig Leon, couple of clown-themed songs (David Lynch and The Rudy Schwartz Project) and a mixup of Mario Savio and EBN and Cabaret Voltaire mixed live in the studio.


Murray Saul – It’s Friday! – Radio Archival Oddities 2
Lyn O’ Callahan – 2001 Theme – 7″
Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Vladan Radovanović – Voice from the Loudspeaker – 7″ (Continuo’s blog)
Alp – Artis – Out and About With Alp
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Firecracker – Yellow Magic Orchestra
Stereo Total – Plastic – Paris Berlin
Godley and Creme – I Pity Inanimate Objects – Freeze Frame
Poptastic – You Put a Spell on Me – The Teen-Pop-Noise Virus (Seeland Records)
Poptastic – Hold Me – The Teen-Pop-Noise Virus
Poptastic – Are You Happy? – The Teen-Pop-Noise Virus

Zdeněk Liška – The Ossuary – Music From the Films of Jan Švankmajer

Craig Leon – Ring With Three Concentric Discs – Nommos
Craig Leon – Donkeys Bearing Cups – Nommos
Shockabilly – People Are Strange – The Best of Shockabilly 12″
Shockabilly – Wrestling Women – The Best of Shockabilly 12″
Hakim Bey – Boycott Cop Culture – TAZ
Emergency Broadcast Network – 3:7:8 – 3:7:8 12″
Mario Savio – Speech, 1964
Cabaret Voltaire – Gut Level – Eight Crepescule Tracks
Mark Stewart – Pay It All Back – When the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade

David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time – Crazy Clown Time
The Rudy Schwartz Project – Puncho the Clown – The Year They Switched To Corn Meal
Pastor John Rydgren – A Beautiful Girl – Silhouette Segments
Belfgore – All That I Wanted – All That I Wanted 12″
Red Guitars – Good Technology – Good Technology 7″

Neil Dick – Something Wonderful Happened – The Future Is Now

Shooby Taylor – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Shooby Taylor the Human Horn
Ken Nordine – Control The World – Anti-Drug PSAs