Crazy show! I utilized some bits from Kill Ugly Radio from January, but did lots of live mixing in the studio. Jim “No Soap Radio/CutUpSound” was in the house, as was most of KBOO’s late night crew, as we were pledge driving and doing generally crazy late night stuff.


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Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark – Radio Prague/Radiowaves – Dazzle Ships
The Black Pope – “I’m a Human Radio Station” – Radio Oddities
Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Christian Marclay – Henri Chopin – More Encores
Stanley Kubrick – Dear Davey – Killer’s Kiss
Tim Hecker – Trade Winds -White Heat – Radio Amor
Marlin Perkins – Cat’s Meow 7″
Gerald Fried/Stanley Kubrick – Rooftop Chase – Killer’s Kiss
Cleo McNett – Cleo’s Groove – Let the Music Guide You
Brigid Berlin – “Old Bags in Shorts” – Andy Warhol’s Bad
Pigface – Binary System – Easy Listening For Difficult Fuckheads
V/A – Theme From the Turtle – Soul Sisters: Sights and Sounds of the African American Underground

Sonic Youth – Tremens – Anagrama
David Thomas – Sloop John B – Vocal Performances
Bad Speler – Ever Had a Dream? – Free download of the week.
Disco Circus – In A Gadda Da Vida – Disco Circus
Paul Crouch Jr. & Merv Griffin – Backwards Masking – The Merv Griffin Show, 1981
Casual Contemporaries – Gods of Hellfire – Best of Casual Contemporaries
Barack Obama – Altered State of the Union – 1/24/12
Brizbomb – 110720W0134 – 1107 Ltd. Edition Cassette (
Pitch-shifted Republican Debate – 1/16/12
Nurse With Wound – Untitled 1 – Musty Odour of Pierced Rectums

Chu Ishikawa – Iron Music – Tetsuo the Iron Man Box Set

Jensen Publications – Another One Bites the Dust – Marching Band ’81

Richard Trythall – Ommagio Au Jerry Lee Lewis – CMCD: 6 Classic Concrete Electroacoustic & Electronic Works 1970-1990
Casual Contemporaries – IntelliEar Cutup (Original) (Cut-Up Version)
Walter Sear – The Integrated Circuit – The Copper Integrated Circuit
Pigface – The Loneliest Sound You’ll Ever Hear – Easy Listening For Difficult Fuckheads
Organ Freakout! – The Acid Test
Richard Christensen – Spires – Muve
Faron Young – Dingaka (The Witch Doctor) – Vinyl Wastelands Vol. 6: Strange Happenings At the Boonies
Billy Barton – The Devil, My Conscience & I – Vinyl Wastelands Vol. 6: Strange Happenings At the Boonies

Shooby Taylor – Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Shooby Taylor the Human Horn