A pretty crazy random show after last month’s thematic, planned program:


Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Dennis Duck – Intro – Dennis Duck Goes Disco
Murray Saul – It’s Friday! – Radioddities
Jim Larrance – Breakfast – CutUpSound
Deodato – Thus Sprach Zarathustra – Prelude
Bongwater – Ride My Seesaw – Breaking No New Ground
Happy Fingers Institute – Daddy’s Gun – Job Specimen
Artless – Vegetable Rights – The 20th Anniversary of the Summer of Love

Ennio Morricone – – Danger Diabolik OST
Man or Astroman? – Phillip K. Dick In the Pet Section of Walmart – Astro Launch 7″
Man or Astroman? – Man From U.N.C.L.E. Theme – Astro Launch 7″
Karen Finley – Tender Animals – The Truth is Hard to Swallow
Jean Pierre Massiera – Piranhas – Psychoses
Karen Finley – Enter Entrepreneur – The Truth is Hard to Swallow
Rene Haraty – The Samisen – The Thrift Store MP3 Project
Marini & The Steps – Mainkan Musiknu – Pop Disco vol.2
Chico Buarque – O Malandro – Ópera do Malandro (Brazilian Threepenny Opera)

Tammy Faye Bakker – Oops, There Comes a Smile! – The Thrift Store MP3 Project
Eddie Osbourne – Kitten on the Keys – The Thrift Store MP3 Project
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin – Music from the Body
Karl Prussian – Subversive Music – Inside a Communist Cell
Buck Ritchie – The Slave – The Thrift Store MP3 Project
Sonny Bono – Pammie’s On A Bummer – 7″
Victor Lumburg – Letter To My Teenage Son – 7″
John Cage – Variations IV – Variations
Uncle Arthur – Johnny’s Pants – 7″
Dennis Duck – Pants Story – Dennis Duck Goes Disco

The Golding Institute – Sounds of San Francisco Adult Bookstores – 7″
T. Valentine – Hello Lucille, Are You a Lesbian? – 7″
Pastor John Rydgren – Music To Watch Girls By – Silhouette Segments
Tim Hecker – Meet Carl Cocks – My Love is Rotten To the Core
Unknown – God is More Quiz – Guess Who’s Here? God (weird Christian teaching record)
Mort Garson/Lucifer – Ride of Aida -Black Mass
Anton LaVey – Hymn of the Satanic Republic – The Satanic Mass
Tim Hecker – Sammy Loves Eddie Hates David – My Love is Rotten To the Core

Leslie Speaker Demo 7″
Lalo Schifrin – Ape Shuffle – 7″
Can – Deadly Doris – The Lost Can Tapes

Shooby Taylor – Over the Rainbow – Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn