Another month flies by. Here’s another show. I played that crazy lady who, by the time my show aired was all over the interwebs. Oh, well. Before that, I played some religious parody stuff that got one caller really, really upset. I am sure the rest of the show didn’t go over too well with him. Lots of nice, encouraging calls as well.

Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Columbia School of Broadcasting – Remote Broadcast – Announcing, Phase 5
National Association of Broadcasters – Radio, The Sound of Year ‘Round Pleasure – NAB 1965
Art Linkletter – TV, early 80’s
Barbed – Architect, Coleslaw – Barbed (1994)
Barbed – LFK – Barbed
Barbed – Charlie K – Barbed
Barbed – Barbed – Barbed
Barbed – Cheque, No Tip – Barbed
National Lampoon – Clarity (excerpt) – Official Stereo Test Record
Denis DeFrange – Sector Wars – Bowling Balls from Hell (Comp. 1980)
Ralph Carney – Closet Bears – Bowling Balls from Hell
Denis DeFrange – Pyrenees – Bowling Balls from Hell
Ralph Carney – Hose Anna – Bowling Balls from Hell

International Secular Atavism – Pleistocean – Free Snot of Jesus
Masoaka/Chen/Grusel/Nagai – S/T
Tarantism – Stuck to the Bottom
Crazy Angry Lady During the Election (YouTube)
Bonzo Goes to Washington – We Begin Bombing in Five Minutes – 12″
Raymond Scott – Don’t Beat Your Wife Every Night – Manhattan Research Box Set

Eve Libertine – Taking Care of an Unconscious Patient – Last One Out Turns Out The Lights
I Am The Arm – Square Wheel Rollin’ – 7″
Mark Stewart – Scorpio – Pay It All Back Vol. 6
Exene Cervenka – Evangelical Hootenanny Alligator Fortune Teller – English As A Second Language (Talking Package)
D. Boon – My Part – English As A Second Language (Talking Package)
Chuck Dukowski – Laughing Sam’s Dice Rolled Thirty Six Times – English As A Second Language (Talking Package)
Joe Nolte- Falling Out – English As A Second Language (Talking Package)
International Secular Atavism – Oligocene – Free Snot of Jesus

Selda Bağcan – Bundan Sonra – Peace, Love and Poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music
Özdemir Erdogan – Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim – Peace, Love and Poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music
Ennio Morricone – Exorcism – The Exorcist II: The Heretic OST
Shockabilly – Eight Miles High – Colosseum
Barbed – Whoops My Trombone! – Barbed

Shooby Taylor – Over the Rainbow – Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn