Here it is, the first show of 2013.


(Artist – Song – Album)
Dennis Duck – Intro – Dennis Duck Does Disco
Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Philiip Bimstein – Garland Hirschi’s Cows – Garland Hirschi’s Cows
Bobcat Goldthwait – Office Scene – God Bless America (film)
Firesign Theatre – I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus (excerpt – I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus
The Evolution Control Committee – The Future – Unknown
Eclectic Method – The Future –
The Evolution Control Committee – The Future – Unknown
The Orb – Towers of Dub – UForb
Mystic Moods Orchestra – Cosmic Sea – 7″
UNKNOWN – Last Meal Request Hotline – YouTube
Ethel Barrett – World of the Atom – Gospel Light Science Strips
The Tape Beatles – The Reality of Matter – Good TImes
Negativland – #9 – Negativland
Negativland – #10 – Negativland
Men’s Recovery Project – Man Hole – Make A Baby
John Cooper Clarke – Health Fanatic – Disguise in Love
Tuff Muffin – The Interview – Neighborhood Rhythms
Kana TNT – Hod Hang Kum – Zudrangma: Thai Funk Vol. 2
Soothorn Sajaridchan – Sara-A-Mor-Sara-R (Kee Mao) (D-R-U-N-K: Pissed) – Zudrangma: Thai Funk Vol. 2
National Hardwood Floor Association – Trouble Concentrating When Praying (Only When I Masturbate) – Savage Vigilance For A Rug-Free America
National Hardwood Floor Association – Church Of The Subgenius (Bob) – Savage Vigilance For A Rug-Free America
Jack Shea – The Monitors – The Monitors (1969 film)
UNKNOWN – Optigan Drive-In Concession Reel – YouTube
Bill Cosby – Mom Brings Del Monte Home – Del Monte Radio Spots
UNKNOWN – I Want Some Food – Street and Gangland Rhythms
Rudy Bukhalter – Cheese Day In Monroe – Thrift Store MP3 Project
Pastor John Rydgren – Search It Out – Silhouette Segments
Wayne Pond – Semiotics of Media in the 60s – Found on the web
Scott Johnson – Involuntary Song – John Somebody
James White And The Blacks – White Devil – Off White
Arthur Brown – Animal People – Requiem
Laibach – Le Priviledge des Morts – Kapital
L. Ron Hubbard – Thank You For Listening (excerpt) – Path To Freedom
Starlight Children’s Chorus – E.T., I Love You – E.T., I Love You and Other Extraterrestrial Songs

Here’s the more down-to-the-second Spinitron playlist.