Here’s this month’s Radio Lost and Found.

Pretty crazy. There were so many records and CDs sprawled over the air room that it’s a miracle I was able to jot them down. Lots of fun visitors, too.

I played a generous chunk of sound from Panos Cosmotos‘ amazing movie Beyond the Black Rainbow, which I highly recommend. I recommend you watch it high(ly). Pretty strange movie that’s a conscious homage to 70s/80s cult cinema – the most apparent influences being Cronenberg, Kubrick, Argento, Tartovsky. Aided and abetted by analog synth fiend Jeremy Schmidt, of Black Mountain and Sinoia Caves, who provides the brooding score that at times is evocative of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, etc.
The film itself has a bare-bones plot – but what a trip. Critics have been split on this one. It makes one wonder how Eraserhead, anything by Jodowrowski or early David Cronenberg would be received today. I think – pretentious or not – it sort of belongs on the same shelf as any of those (real) cult classics.

Anywho… Here’s the show again.


Here’s the playlist:
Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
Baroness Rowana – Lift Your Face the Natural Way
The Sales Department – Distinctive Condition – Broken Record
Rosicrucian Recordings – The Seeds of Knowledge Must Be Planted Early
Randy Lewis – Mechanized Man 7″
The Sales Department – Boats (Donlands) – Broken Record
Ursula Bogner – – Recordings 1969 – 1988
Brother John Rydgren – The Kite and the News – Silhouette Segments (Omni Recordings)
Brother John Rydgren – Forgiveness – Silhouette Segments
Brother John Rydgren – AWOLs of Life – Silhouette Segments
Brother John Rydgren – The Nasty Picture – Silhouette Segments

Peter Thomas Orchestra – Theme From Chariots Of The Gods? – Chariots of the Gods?

Jack Shea/Jackie Vernon – “My Kind of Guys” – The Monitors
Jeremy Schmidt – 1983 (Intro) – Beyond the Black Rainbow
Jeremy Schmidt – Welcome To Arboria – Beyond the Black Rainbow
Jeremy Schmidt – Proselytize – Beyond the Black Rainbow
Jeremy Schmidt – Solace – Beyond the Black Rainbow
Jeremy Schmidt – Sentionauts – Beyond the Black Rainbow
Jeremy Schmidt – Admittance – Beyond the Black Rainbow
Jeremy Schmidt – Genesis 66 – Beyond the Black Rainbow
Jeremy Schmidt & SSQ – End Titles – Beyond the Black Rainbow

Peter Thomas Orchestra – Memnon Colossi And The Pyramid Of Cholula – Chariots of the Gods?

G:Nome – Suffocating Rubber Clown Suit of Negativity – Polymorphism (Auricular Records)
Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Osorezan / Do No Kenbai
Hewlitt Packard – Computer Calculator for Math & Science – Prelinger Archives
Sonic Youth & Jim O’Rourke – Invito Al Cielo
Freshly Wrapped Candies – Time Is Passing – Grazing Among While Pretending to Be
Don Preston – Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes
David Byrne & Brian Eno – Breathing Once a Minute – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts Demos

Peter Ivers & David Lynch – Pete’s Boogie – Eraserhead reissue bonus 7″ (Sacred Bones Records)

New Order – Everything’s Gone Green – 7″
Tim Hecker – Meet Carl Cocks – My Love is Rotten To the Core

Shooby Taylor – Over the Rainbow – Shooby Taylor, the Human Horn