Here’s Radio Lost and Found for May.

A bit hampered by a non-functioning turntable in the air-room, leaving me with only one, which made me make some interesting last-minute choices over what I had planned. Oh well. I think it turned out OK.

You might notice the archive sounds a little weird – somewhat sonically squashed. Truth told, it’s in mono, due to KBOO’s audio stream only putting out in one channel. I mixed it down to one mono track. Again, oh well.

Hope you enjoy it.



Here’s the Spinitron playlist:

Radio Lost and Found (Music) with Rich L. 05/10/2013 10:00PM to 12:00AM

10:00PM-10:01PM (1:54) KBOO “Promo Spots” from N/A

10:01PM-10:02PM (0:38) Leonard Pennario “March of the Lunatics” from The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario

10:02PM-10:03PM (0:42) Mike Patton “Red Mouth, Black Orgasm” from Adult Themes for Voice (1997) on Tzadik

10:03PM-10:04PM (1:03) Brother John Rydgren “The Noise” from Silhouette Segments on Omni Recordings

10:04PM-10:06PM (2:13) Twink “Hot Diggety” from The Broken Record (Rock, 2005) on seeland records

10:07PM-10:10PM (2:42) The Rudy Schwartz Project “Carry Me Back to the Good Ol’ U.S.A.” from Full Frontal Klugman (2013) on Cockroach Media

10:10PM-10:14PM (4:18) The Rudy Schwartz Project “Blood Freak” from Full Frontal Klugman (2013) on Cockroach Media

10:14PM-10:18PM (4:08) The Rudy Schwartz Project “Song of the Coastal Artillery Women” from Full Frontal Klugman (2013) on Cockroach Media

10:18PM-10:21PM (3:02) Toecutter “I Milk Myself” from DJ Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD on Wrong Music

10:21PM-10:22PM (0:46) Thomas Griffin “Rolf 2” from DJ Shitmat Presents: The Rolf Harris Mashup CD on Wrong Music

10:22PM-10:26PM (4:13) Cromagnon “Caledonia” from Cave Rock on Jackpot — Reissue of ESP release Orgasm

10:26PM-10:29PM (2:37) Cromagnon “Ritual Feast Of The Libido” from Cave Rock on Jackpot

10:29PM-10:32PM (2:59) Non & Boyd Rice “Turn Me On, Dead Man” from Back to Mono (2012) on Mute Artists

10:32PM-10:35PM (3:26) Non & Boyd Rice “Watusi” from Back to Mono (2012) on Mute Artists

10:35PM-10:39PM (3:54) Sir Richard Bishop “Hill Dwellers” from Graviton Polarity Generator on Social Music and Tape Club of Portland, Oregon — Many things playing simultaneously from this point on

10:39PM-10:40PM (1:28) Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest “Birds And Crickets; Bark-Cloth Hammering With The Voices Of Young Boys In The Background” from Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest on Folkways

10:40PM-10:42PM (1:53) Burkina Faso “Gopir” from Xylophone De Funerailles on Ocara Radio France (France)

10:42PM-10:49PM (6:48) Traditional African Tribe Musicians “Kayamba Dance: Giriama Wedding” from Kenya & Tanzania: Witchcraft & Ritual Music on Elektra Nonesuch

10:49PM-10:50PM (0:55) Sir Richard Bishop “Event Horizons” from Graviton Polarity Generator on Social Music and Tape Club of Portland, Oregon

10:50PM-10:51PM (1:23) Phonequail “Last Meal Request Hotline” from Phonequail Radio Program (excerpt)

10:51PM-10:54PM (2:54) Johnny Paycheck “Pardon Me, I’ve Got Someone To Kill” from 7″

10:54PM-10:57PM (2:51) Mark Wade “Are They Gonna Shoot God?” from Troubled Troubadors on Omni Recordings

10:57PM-11:01PM (3:37) Gary S. Paxton “The Big A = the Big M” from 7″ on Pax

11:01PM-11:07PM (5:56) Peter Thomas Sound Orchest… “Memnon Colossi And The Pyramid Of Cholula” from Chariots Of The Gods? (Music From The Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2011) on Master Classics Records

11:07PM-11:08PM (1:31) Jed Johnson “Baby thrown out the window scene” from Andy Warhol’s Bad

11:08PM-11:12PM (3:29) Phineas Narco/Brad Sucks “Overreacting (‘Brad Sucks’ Cover)” from Straight Outta Klonopin

11:12PM-11:15PM (3:23) The Timelords (The Jams) “Doctorin’ The Tardis” from 7″

11:15PM-11:20PM (4:46) Gadgetto “Action Doll (Lords of Acid vs Devo)” from Sonneschein Ubermensch

11:20PM-11:23PM (3:27) Will Powers “Adventures In Success” from 7″

11:23PM-11:27PM (3:23) Venetian Snares “Electric Funeral” from Sabbath Remixes

11:27PM-11:29PM (2:32) Human Skab “Screamin’ Demon” from Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags (2006) on Family Vineyard

11:29PM-11:32PM (2:18) Human Skab “Drunk and Staggerin’ Around” from Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags (2006) on Family Vineyard

11:32PM-11:34PM (2:43) Boyd Rice & Daniel Miller “Cleanliness and Order” from Darker Skratcher

11:34PM-11:42PM (7:44) Randy Lewis “Dreams Within a Dream” from 7″ (1981) on Heat Warps

11:42PM-11:47PM (4:59) Jean-pierre Massiera “Space Woman” from Psychoses Freakoïd (1963-1978) (2008) on Tir Groupé

11:47PM-11:49PM (2:04) German Shepherds “Communist Control” from Music for Sick Queers (Bonus Track Version) (2012) on Superior Viaduct

11:49PM-11:52PM (2:46) The Rudy Schwartz Project “Louisiana Pancake Batfish” from Full Frontal Klugman (2013) on Cockroach Media

11:52PM-11:55PM (3:13) The Rudy Schwartz Project “You’re Not Rondo Hatton” from Full Frontal Klugman (2013) on Cockroach Media

11:55PM-11:56PM (1:10) UNKNOWN “Assorted Anti-Drug PSAs” from Assorted Anti-Drug PSAs (Single)

11:56PM-11:59PM (3:20) Shooby Taylor “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” from The Human Horn (CD, Album, Private, 1980) on