Here it is. The last show of 2014 and a Christmas show, to boot. 

My show ended up being on Christmas night this year, so I debated whether or not to do a holiday/Christmas show or not but finally opted to. 

Here it is! See you next year!


Playlist (times from 10pm to 12am):

10:00PM KBOO Community Radio “ID/Promo Spots” from “Promo Spots” 

10:01PM The Crafty Ladies “Silent Night” from “The Crafty Ladies Christmas”

10:01PM Tom Waits “Silent Night/Postcard From A Hooker In Minneapolis” from “Austin City Limits, 1978”

10:07PM John Oswald “White” from “Plunderphonics”

10:11PM Ferrante and Teicher “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” from “Adventures In Carols”

10:13PM Joseph Spence “Santa Claus Is Comin To Town” from “Living On the Hallelujah Side”

10:16PM The Crafty Ladies “Santa Claus Is Comin To Town” from “The Crafty Ladies Christmas”

10:17PM The Beatles “Fan Club Message” from “1963: The Beatles’ Christmas Record”

10:20PM The Butthole Surfers “Good King Wencelas” from “After The Astronaut”

10:23PM King Black Acid “Little Drummer Boy” from “It’s Finally Christmas!”

10:28PM Sugarboom “Ave Maria” from “It’s Finally Christmas!”

10:32PM Nina Hagen “Ave Maria” from “In Ekstase”

10:35PM Set break  — Music Behind DJ: Ferrante and Teicher – White Christmas – Adventures In Carols

10:38PM Cassetteboy “Festive Christmas” from “Festive Christmas”

10:51PM The Mushroom Tabernacle Choir “Help Put The “X” Back In X-Mas” from “7””

10:52PM Tom Recchion “Where Were You On Christmas?” from “Where Were You On Christmas? 7″”

10:55PM The Residents “Seasoned Greetings” from “Meet the Residents” (Rock)

11:00PM The Residents “Fire (Santa Dog)” from “Santa Dog EP”

11:02PM The Residents “Explosion” from “Santa Dog EP”

11:04PM The Residents “Santa Dog EP” from “Santa Dog EP”

11:05PM Crass “Side B” from “Merry Crassmas”

11:10PM The Rudy Schwartz Project “Christmas Time’s For Assholes” from “Remembering a Summertime Rash”

11:12PM The Happy Flowers “All I Got Were Clothes For Christmas” from “God’s Favorite Dog”

11:17PM Culturcide “Depressed Christmas” from “Santa Claus Was My Lover 7″”

11:19PM Set break  — Music Behind DJ: Ferrante and Teicher – Sleigh Ride – Adventures In Carols

11:22PM Linda Bennett “An Old Fashioned Christmas (Daddy’s Home)” from “7””

11:26PM Usha Uthup “Christmas, Merry Christmas” from “Blast Off!”

11:29PM Heino “Schneewalzer” from “Blau blüht der Enzian – 40 Originalhits”

11:32PM Chevy Chase/Randy Quiad/Beverly D’Angelo “”Merry Christmas, Shitter’s Full!” – Looping” from “Christmas Vacation”

11:35PM Kid’s Stuff Records “The Pac-Man Christmas Story” from “Baby Pac-Man Read-Along Book”

11:37PM The Brady Bunch “Frosty The Snowman” from “It’s A Sunshine Day”

11:39PM John Waters/Divine “”Not on Christmas..”” from “Female Trouble”

11:40PM Akim & The Teddy Vann Production Company “Santa Clause Is a Black Man” from “A John Waters Christmas”

11:44PM Wayne Butane “A Wayne Butane Christmas [Excerpt]” from “A Very Special Wayne Butane Christmas”

11:49PM Set break  — Music Behind DJ: Ferrante and Teicher – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Adventures In Carols

11:51PM The Crafty Ladies “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” from “The Crafty Ladies Christmas”

11:53PM The Crafty Ladies “Silent Night” from “The Crafty Ladies Christmas”