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Tonight we payed homage to the recently departed James Last, king of happy, non-stop dancing, easy listening music, as well as Ornette Coleman, who just passed away the day of this show.

We also heard some really incredibly bad music, courtesy of Jamilah B.
We might have to do a show entirely dedicated to horrible singing.

I also played a big chunk of the new Fall lp, Sublingual Tablet and lots of the double LP Urgh! A Music War. Why not?



Playlist (times from 10pm to 12am):
10:00PM KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots
10:03PM James Last – Mr. Giant Man – Voodoo-Party
10:07PM Set break — Intro: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics
10:08PM James Last – Silver Machine – Non-Stop Dancing 1973
10:09PM James Last – Children of the Revolution – Non-Stop Dancing 1973
10:11PM James Last – School’s Out – Non-Stop Dancing 1973
10:13PM Peter Cook – James Last’s Britian – YouTube
10:19PM James Last – Everyday People – Voodoo-Party
10:22PM James Last – Shaft – Non-Stop Dancing 1973
10:26PM Set break — Background: James Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydreams
10:28PM The Fall – Venice With The Girls – Sub-Lingual Tablet
10:32PM The Fall – Black Roof – Sub-Lingual Tablet
10:34PM The Fall – Dedication Not Medication – Sub-Lingual Tablet
10:39PM Magazine – Model Worker – Urgh! A Music War
10:42PM Skafish – Sign of the Cross – Urgh! A Music War
10:46PM Wall of Voodoo – Back In Flesh – Urgh! A Music War
10:50PM Au Pairs – Come Again – Urgh! A Music War
10:54PM The Cramps – Tear It Up – Urgh! A Music War
10:58PM The Members – Offshore Banking Business – Urgh! A Music War
11:02PM Set break — Background: Janko Nilović – Chorus For Leslie
11:06PM Ornette Coleman – Lonely Woman – Shape of Jazz To Come
11:11PM Ornette Coleman – Science Fiction – Science Fiction
11:16PM Ornette Coleman – Peace – Shape of Jazz To Come
11:26PM Set break — Background: Joanna Newsome – Loop of Right On
11:26PM Joanna Newsom – The Book of Right-on (slowly pitching down) – The Milk-Eyed Mender
11:32PM Young Spuset – Lets Stay Together – MySpace
11:38PM Set break — Jamilah explains it all
11:42PM Jacob Druckman – Animus I – Electronic Music III
11:43PM Eugene G. Weinberg – The Cry Of A Normal Newborn Baby – A Child’s Cry: A Clue To Diagnosis
11:49PM Poetic Assassin – Inverti in Darkness – YouTube
11:53PM LeeVon aka – Crash Cut – The Secret Is Out – YouTube
11:55PM Unknown Gospel Singer – Good Music Gone Bad – YouTube
11:57PM No Artist – XXX (Closing Message) – Drastic Perversions