As you may have read, we lost Negativland member and Over the Edge host Don Joyce on 7/22.

He left behind a huge body of work.

Don joined Negativland and contributed the group’s signature cut-up, brain-frazzle style and added the term ‘culture jamming’ to the surrealist lexicon. Thursday evening, Radio Lost and Found and a host of hosts pay tribute to Don Joyce and Negativland. In attendance, Dr. Zomb of Dr. Zomb’s Stereo Obscura, Daniel of The Outside World, Brian of Vinyl Pajama Party and No Soap Radio‘s Jim Larrance and King Fader Jay Bozich brought a rare Negativland performance cassette tape. We also had calling in, regular OTE caller Suicide Man on the line, as well as Mr. Space and a mystery booper.

I hope we did him justice. The thought of no more OTE is unfathomable.

We didn’t write anything down that we played but you can sort of figure it out from our attempts to back-announce it all.