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Ras Mix live in the studio

Tonight I am joined by electronic musician Ras Mix, who performed live in the studio. It was a lot of fun.

Plus, Kumquat, weird 90s German Hip Hop and more.


00h.,00 m. KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots – Promo Spots

00h.,02 m. Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics – The Two Pianos of Leonard Pennario
00h.,03 m. Brother John Rydgren – the Noise – Silhouette Segments
00h.,04 m. Steven Jesse Bernstein – More Noise Please – Prison
00h.,08 m. Die Fantastischen Vier – Vier Gewinnt – 4 Gewinnt
00h.,11 m. Die Fantastischen Vier – Die Da !?! – 4 Gewinnt

00h.,15 m. Set break — Background: The Vampires’ Sound Incorporation – The Lions And The Cucumber

00h.,15 m. Kumquat – Filthy Beauty – Teleprompting
00h.,19 m. Kumquat – Mr. Boyfriend – Teleprompting
00h.,23 m. Kumquat – Cigarettes and Leather – Teleprompting
00h.,26 m. Kumquat – Stale Cheese Puffs – Teleprompting

00h.,29 m. Set break — Background: Księżyc – Mijana

00h.,32 m. Mark Stewart + Maffia – Learning to Cope With Cowardice (Flexi mix) – Sherwood at the Controls, Vol. 1: 1979-1984
00h.,36 m. Metal Urbain – Numéro Zero – Anarchy In Paris!
00h.,40 m. Chrome – Meet You In the Subway – Subterranean Modern
00h.,45 m. Suburban Lawns – Flying Saucer Safari – Suburban Lawns
00h.,47 m. Evil Genius – Ice People – Bitter Human
00h.,50 m. DJ ManRich – Gun Crazy Mix – Sick America v.2
00h.,52 m. Bill Holt – Program Ten, Pt. 2 [Excerpt] – Dreamies (2006 Special Edition) [Remastered]
00h.,54 m. Robert F. Kennedy – Senseless Violence Speech [Excerpt] – Web
01h.,55 m. Laibach – Contrapunctus 2 [Excerpt] – Laibachkunstderfuge
01h.,00 m. Burning Ghosts – Requiem [excerpt] – Burning Ghosts

1h.,01 m. Set break — Radio ID/Business – Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydreams

01h.,01 m. Ras Mix – Improvised Set – Live in the studio

01h.,33 m. Set break — Interview with Ras Mix – background: Nekropolis – Hölle Im Angesicht

01h.,40 m. Ras Mix – Improvised Set 2 – mixing – Live in the studio
01h.,57 m. Starlight Children’s Chorus – Outro: E.T., I Love You – E.T., I Love You and Other Extraterrestrial Songs