Here we are again. After a bumpy start (equipment failure in the air room) we are off and running. Me and DJ F.U.’s annual Punk Rock blowout.

This year, at F.U.’s suggestion, we played nearly all Portland Punk and Hardcore.

Lots of fun. A slightly truncated show, as I edited out the bits where we were flailing around trying to get the show off the ground at the beginning.
Hope you enjoy it!

Grab It.

(Hour:Min. – Artist-Track-Album)
00:00 KBOO Community Radio – ID/Promo Spots- Promo Spots

00:00 Poison Idea – AA- Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes
00:02 Poison Idea – Legalize Freedom- Record Collectors Are Pretentious Assholes

00:03 Set break

00:06 Neo Boys – Dirty White Lies- Sub Pop 5 cassette
00:08 Pell Mell – Spy vs Spy- Sub Pop 5 cassette (started at wrong speed. Whoops!)
00:11 The Cleavers – Bug- 10-29-79
00:14 Rancid Vat – Under My Wheels- City of Thorns (as ‘Rancid Bat’ on the cover, which is rife w/typos)
00:17 Sado-Nation – Fight Back- We’re Not Equal
00:18 Sado-Nation – Industrial Revolution- We’re Not Equal
00:20 Napalm Beach – Teen Dream- Teen Dream
00:24 Napalm Beach – All Outta Time- Pugsley Cassette
00:26 Napalm Beach – It’s Your Time- Pugsley Cassette
00:29 Wipers – Better Off Dead- Better Off Dead 7″
00:31 Wipers – Up In Flames- Better Off Dead 7″

00:33 Set break — DJ F.U.’s set #1 starts here. Hear.

00:36 Wipers – Mystery- Is This Real?
00:37 Wipers – Youth of America- Youth of America
00:48 Wipers – No One Wants An Alien- Is This Real?
00:51 Wipers – D-7- Is This Real?

00:55 Set break — I ID’d it. I did.

00:56 Dead Moon – Down the Road (Live Version)- Dead Moon: Live at Satyricon
00:59 The Obituaries – Giant Rebel- The Obituaries
01:02 The Obituaries – Time No Longer- The Obituaries
01:03 The Obituaries – No Man of Her Own- The Obituaries
01:08 Dead Moon – Johnny’s Got a Gun / Destination X (Live Version)- Dead Moon: Live at Satyricon
01:15 Poison Idea – Typical (live at KBOO studios, ’83)- Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years
01:18 Poison Idea – Legalize Freedom (live at KBOO studios, ’83)- Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years
01:20 Poison Idea – Spy (live at KBOO studios, ’83)- Darby Crash Rides Again: The Early Years

01:22 Set break — DJ F.U. back-announces forward. Rich’s set #2 starts here.

01:24 Jackals – Iron Horse- Jackals
01:26 Jackals – Psycho Billy Belinda- Jackals
01:28 Wermacht – Beer Macht- City of Thorns
01:28 Wermacht – E- City of Thorns
01:29 Oily Blood Men – Skullduggery- City of Thorns (as ‘Oily Bloody Men’ Blame Doug Moody)
01:30 Oily Blood Men – Secret Town- City of Thorns
01:31 Final Warning – I Quit- Drinking Is Great 7″
01:34 Poison Idea – Laughing Boy- Drinking Is Great 7″
01:36 E-13 – Pancreatitis- Drinking Is Great 7″
01:38 Skate Drunx – Whimps- City of Thorns
01:39 Skate Drunx – Mortician’s Boner- City of Thorns
01:40 Hazel – Tragedy- Fourteen Songs for Greg Sage and The Wipers

01:42 Set break — I back-announce backwards, then F.U. drives it home.

01:44 Agent Orange – Miserlou- Living In Darkness
01:46 Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl- The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records
01:48 Bikini Kill – Bloody Ice Cream- The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records
01:50 L7 – Questioning My Sanity- Hungry for Stink

01:53 Set break — we ended it