Fun show. It’s fun to stretch my legs, so to speak, and utilize the mixing capabilities of a real air room studio versus my somewhat limited ad hoc home studio/station. The result was some crazy mixing that dominated the latter half of the show, starting at the one hour mark, approximately. It’s built around an amazing Rik Rue album I recently got. The attempt to document what occurred below is sketchy at best, but I did include everything used. I had fun. I haven’t been doing much freakform mediascaping lately, so it felt good. I hope you like it!


Playlist (Song Time-Song-Artist-Release):
00:00:00 Whitehall 1212 – The Boomtown Rats – V Deep
00:03:58 Towers of London – XTC – Black Sea
00:09:40 Making Plans For Nigel – XTC – Drums and Wires
00:13:40 Furniture Music – Bill Nelson’s Red Noise – Sound-On-Sound

00:17:11 Set break – Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:18:10 Silly Ideas I Used To Have – Ken Nordine – You’re Getting Better: The Word Jazz – Dot Masters
00:23:31 Six Commercials In Search Of A Client – The Ken Nordine Group – Words We Live By/Six Commercials In Search Of A Client
00:29:31 Let’s Play Traffic Cop – The Listen & Learn Players – 7″
00:32:26 Riot Prevention [excerpts mixed throughout] – City of Torrence Police Department – Found Film
00:34:26 Potty Training – Potty Pals – 7″

00:39:45 Set break – Background: John Cameron – Half Forgotten Daydreams

00:50:29 Ikarie XB-1 – Zdeněk Liška – Ikarie XB-1
00:53:04 Surveillance On Standby/Alpha Centauri – Zdeněk Liška – Ikarie XB-1
00:54:54 A Small Stone In Space – Zdeněk Liška – Ikarie XB-1
00:55:54 Sunflower For a New Star – Zdeněk Liška – Ikarie XB-1
00:56:21 The Backwoods of the Universe – Zdeněk Liška – Ikarie XB-1
00:57:17 Silver Ball (Vera In Cameo) – Zdeněk Liška – Ikarie XB-1

01:00:10 Set break: Background: Moog Plays ABBA – Money Honey + radio bizniz

01:00:54 How To Make A Tape Recorder – Peter L. Batsin – Cool and Strange Thrift Store Compilation
01:03:19 Pardon Me, Your Fez Is Slipping – Rik Rue – Sound Escapes
01:11:43 Dime Operation [excerpts – mixed throughout] – Orchid Spangiafora – Flee Past’s Ape Elf
01:15:59 Snake Oil Symphony I-III [excerpts] Daniel Steven Crafts – Snake Oil Symphony/Soap Opera Suite
01:21:23 Strategic Defense Initiative [excerpts] – Noah Creshevsky The Tape Music of Noah Creshevsky, 1971-92
01:26:28 Everything Your Mother Never Taught About Tape Recorders – Rik Rue Sound Escapes
01:27:39 The Pants Story [excerpts] Dennis Duck – Dennis Duck Goes Disco
01:32:39 Baudelaire’s Return [excerpts – mixed throughout] – Rik Rue – Sound Escapes
01:33:50 All Skate [excerpts – mixed throughout] – Dennis Duck – Dennis Duck Goes Disco
01:34:50 For Men Only (With Thanks To John Oswald) – Rik Rue – Sound Escapes
01:36:01 Bee Opera – Crawling With Tarts – Operas
01:38:01 Spasm – Severed Heads – City Slab Horror
01:40:01 More Reasons (Hackster) – The Sons of Silence – Promo FM

01:45:41 Set break: Background: Vampire’s Sound Syndicate – Loin and the Cucumber

01:47:41 Untitled – Nurse With Wound – The Musty Odour Of Pierced Rectums

01:58:41 Outro Theme: Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Shooby Taylor – The Human Horn