Austin Rich


Austin and radio cohort Travis

I was pleased and honored to have on tonight Austin Rich, all the way from Salem, OR, who hosts Mid-Valley Mutations on KMUN and also performs as Mini-Mutations (he’s here doing a performance at Speck’s – on Record Store Day, no less, and also appearing on Ricardo Wang’s excellent program What’s This Called?).
Austin brought some amazing records and CDs and also performed live in the studio. It was a crazy throwdown of sound. I attempted to document it in the playlist, but contents may have settled in shipping, as they say…

Fun show! I hope you like it and hope to have Austin on again soon!



Time / Artist / Song / Song Duration / Release
00:00:00 Judy Collins / Send In The Clowns 45 @ 33 1/3 RPM / Send In The Clowns 7″
00:05:28 Jay Allison / The Neighborhood Freaks / Tellus 11: The Sounds of Radio

10:10:38 Set break – Background: Leonard Pennario – March of the Lunatics

00:12:00 The Human League / Circus of Death / Being Boiled Circus Of Death 7″
00:16:58 Twink / The Great Circus Show / The Broken Record
00:19:15 Negativland / Clowns And Ballerinas / Toywar Lullabyes
00:23:21 Lydia Lunch / Carnival Fat Man / Queen Of Siam
00:25:32 Non Credo / Ask the Bearded Lady / Reluctant Hosts
00:29:32 The Human League / Circus of Death (instrumental) / Being Boiled Sessions BBC
00:30:43 Mini Mutations / Live In KBOO Studios / 04/11/19
00:49:43 Crispin Glover / Darling Young Man On the Flying Trapeze / The Big Problem?
00:52:20 Austin Rich/Mini-Mutations / Spoken Word Bit / Live in KBOO Studios
00:53:20 Mini-Mutations Radio Lost & Found / Live Mixup / Live in KBOO Studios
00:58:23 André Popp / Circus On Parade / La Musique Qui Fait Popp
01:00:36 Lasry-Baschet / La Mort Du Clown / Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores – Single

01:02:39 Set break – Interview with Austin Rich/Mini-Mutations

01:07:39 Mini-Mutations Radio Lost & Found / Live Mixup / Live in KBOO Studios
01:28:39 Foss (Beto O’Roarke’s band!) / Al Sobrante / The El Paso Pussycats EP
01:33:39 Mini-Mutations Radio Lost & Found / Crazy mixup free-for-all (Some Men’s Recovery Project, MX80 Sound in there. ???) / Live in the KBOO Studio

01:56:39 Shooby Taylor / Outro: Somewhere over the rainbow / The Human Horn