Goodbye Daniel Johnston, hello new Negativland, new-to-me old records, newly reissued Roger Doyle, and more!

We say goodbye to Daniel Johnston, indy music legend and prolific songwriter. I briefly got to see Daniel when he and mini-entourage walked in and out of KBOO studios to record an interview, which doesn’t seem to be on KBOO’s website any longer. tsk tsk tsk, and a shame, really. Sad to see him go. His music was incredible, heartfelt, often beautiful in its simple brilliance. Rest in peace, Daniel.

More stuff – new Negativland, from their upcoming album True False, which you can pre-order here, although as of this writing, the bonus stuff is going fast, so you might wanna…

Here’s the show. I hope you like it. I was really tired and somewhat frazzled from a crazy workweek. Enjoy, or don’t.

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Playlist (Time [hour:min:sec] / Artist / Song / Release):
00:00:00 Daniel Johnston / Funeral Home / Welcome to My World: The Music of Daniel Johnston
00:03:13 Daniel Johnston / My Life Is Starting Over Again / Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered
00:06:13 Daniel Johnston / Casper the Friendly Ghost / Welcome to My World: The Music of Daniel Johnston

00:09:40 Mark Stewart / As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade / As the Veneer of Democracy Starts To Fade
00:15:17 Negativland` / Fourth of July / True False
00:18:54 Negativland / More Data / Upcoming Release (YouTube)
00:25:27 Negativland / Discernment / True False
00:29:57 Ennio Morricone / The Big Gundown / The Big Gundown (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
00:34:54 David Clark / Star Wars / Pizza Organ Presents
00:39:53 David Ingles / Paralyzed / Satan Has Been Paralyzed
00:43:11 Sonny Bono / Pammie’s On A Bummer / Inner Views
00:49:35 Sharron Lucky / Follow The Clouds / Follow The Clouds

00:58:18 Kathy McCarty / I Had a Dream / Dead Dog’s Eyeball: Songs of Daniel Johnston
01:01:30 Daniel Johnston / Walking the Cow / Hi How Are You?
01:04:40 Daniel Johnston / Chord Organ Blues / Yip! Jump Music
01:08:55 K. McCarty / I Am a Baby (In My Universe) / Dead Dog’s Eyeball: Songs of Daniel Johnston
01:10:41 Daniel Johnson / No More Pushing Around Joe / Hi How Are You?
01:15:23 Daniel Johnston / Speeding Motorcycle / Welcome to My World: The Music of Daniel Johnston
01:18:52 K. McCarty / Sorry Entertainer / Dead Dog’s Eyeball: Songs of Daniel Johnston
01:22:04 Tom Waits / King Kong / The Late Great Daniel Johnston
01:26:26 Daniel Johnston/Jad Fair / I Met Roky Erickson / It’s Spooky
01:29:29 Daniel Johnston / Some Things Last a Long Time / 1990

01:38:01 Roger Doyle / Baby Grand / Thalia
01:42:33 Roger Doyle / Solar Eyes / Thalia
01:51:43 Shockabilly / Lucifer Sam / Vietnam Heaven
01:55:54 Shockabilly / Signed D.C. / Vietnam Heaven

01:57:00 Shooby Taylor / Outro: Over the Rainbow