Faced with a last minute host cancellation, Dr. Zomb and myself bashed our pumpkins together to spew out a mess of spooky Halloween songs and tunes, as well as a vast quantity of pumpkin seeds. Those seeds!

Hope you like this little halloween bonus show!


Playlist (Artist / Song / Release):
Dr. Zomb Set 1:
Henry Mancini and His Orchestra / Experiment in Terror / Experiment in Terror
The Wailers / High Wall / The Fabulous Wailers
Satan’s Pilgrims / Haunted House of Rock / Soul Pilgrim
Gene McKowl / Ghost Memory / 7″
Joy Division / Dead Souls / Still
John Baker / Dial M for Murder / The John Baker Tapes Volume 1
Creed Taylor Orchestra / The Crank / Shock Music in Hi-Fi

Rich Set 1:
The Shaggs / It’s Halloween / Philosophy of The World
Larry And The Blue Notes / Night Of The Phantom / Back From The Grave
The One Way Streets / Jack the Ripper / Back from the Grave
The Swamp Rats / Psycho / Back From The Grave
The Mummies / House on the Hill / Death By Unga Bunga
Beasts of Bourbon / Psycho / The Axeman’s Jazz
The Cramps / Rockin’ Bones / Nazibilly Werewolfen
Sic Kidz / She’s My Witch / Teenage Obsessions (1978-1984)
Beast / Possessed / Possessed 7″
Corpse Grinders / Zombie Death Dance / Corpse Grinders EP
Minimal Man / 2 Little Skeletons / Safari
Alien Sex Fiend / R.I.P. / Batcave: Young Limbs And Numb Hymns
Pain Teens / Sacrificial Shack / Sacrificial Shack 7″

Dr. Zomb Set 2:
Rod Keith / I Died Today / I Died Today
Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston / Frankenstein Conquers The World / Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston
Sheldon Allman / It Conquered the World / Folk Songs for the 21st Century
Michael Hurley / The Twilight Zone / Hi-Fi Snock Uptown
Marty Manning and his Orchestra / The Twilight Zone / The Twilight Zone
Venetian Snares / Electric Funeral / Sabbath Dubs 10″
Jack Dangers Tino / Loch Ness Monster Dub / Halloween Dub.
Christopher Komeda / The Dream / Rosemary’s Baby OST

Rich Set 2:
Laibach / Vade Retro / Nova Akropola
Butthole Surfers / Graveyard / Locust Abortion Technician
Jeweled Snakes / Don’t Drown The Witches / Jeweled Snakes
The Rattles / The Witch / DJ Goatface Killah Presents: Ave Satanis
Blood and Roses / Necromantra / Love Under Will EP
Sonic Youth / Halloween / Bad Moon Rising